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SimpList™ is a must-have product for every mainframe site. The extremely powerful and fully integrated workbench environment is far superior to the traditional ISPF™ mainframe interface. Instead of constantly moving between many different panels and vendor products, tasks are performed in a highly intuitive and centralized location using simple point-and-shoot selection.

The SimpList interface is much easier to learn and use than regular ISPF, and no formal training is required. Regardless of job title or experience level, the productivity of every mainframe user from novice to expert increases dramatically. Tasks are completed far more quickly, with much less effort, and at greatly reduced cost.

The following image demonstrates just one of the many time-saving panels found in SimpList. Depending on your internet browser, the image may need to be clicked to activate the rollover feature.


As shown by the preceding image, SimpList eliminates many of the productivity barriers faced by regular ISPF users. For example:

1. Navigating

The traditional mainframe interface consists of many different panels and vendor products. Learning how to get to each panel and what each panel does, and constantly navigating between panels and vendor products is an unnecessary waste of time. The result is lost productivity, a steep learning curve, and higher costs.

SimpList removes the need to navigate by allowing multiple objects to be selected for multiple functions from a single location. When an object is selected, SimpList automatically launches the appropriate tool or vendor product. New users are trained in a fraction of the regular time, and every user is instantly more productive.

2. Typing

Even the fastest typist spends a large part of every day entering and re-entering commands and object names. Some commands and objects can be dozens of characters in length. Typing mistakes are inevitably made, requiring additional time and effort to correct.

SimpList reduces typing by allowing each user to permanently store thousands of objects and commands. Once stored, any object can be selected or any command can be executed by simply pointing a cursor or clicking a mouse.

3. Remembering

An average mainframe user is required to remember dozens or even hundreds of object names and commands. When object names are forgotten, expensive catalog searches are performed. When a command name or syntax is forgotten, time and effort is required to find the correct reference manual to search for command syntax.

SimpList not only stores objects and commands for future reference, but allows any object or command to be given a short, easy-to-remember alias known as a ‘label’. Objects with labels can be selected from anywhere in ISPF by simply entering the label name on the command line.

In addition to the features already described, SimpList adds many functions and enhancements that are not available in regular ISPF. For example, SimpList has its own enhanced DSLIST; an extremely powerful Advanced Member List; extended edit and view sessions; enhanced utilities such as copy, print, and transfer; an information panel that allows data set attributes to be changed on the fly; and much more. A small selection of additional key features is noted below:

As well as consolidating the functionality of many different ISPF panels, SimpList interfaces with a wide variety of tools and utilities such as AMBLIST, BookManager, DB2, DSNTIAUL, HSM, IMS, SUPERC, the ISPF Workstation Agent, and various third-party vendor products. Site-specific tools, utilities and objects are also supported through the use of user-defined functions.

If a data set name appears anywhere on any panel (e.g. in an ISPF message), the data set can be opened for browse, edit or view by entering BR, ED or VI on the command line and pointing the cursor at the data set name. The same commands can also be used to select members whose names appear in other members; e.g. copybooks whose names appear in COBOL programs. This works even when members exist in different libraries.

Application Programming Interface.
An API makes the power of SimpList available to any user written procedure. A single line of code can call the SimpList API to display a list of data sets matching a pattern, or display an advanced member list, or print a file, or execute a DB2 command, and so on. The API can significantly speed up the development and testing of in-house utilities.

Easy to Install.
SimpList installs in a matter of minutes and requires no special skills or authorities. Five files in XMI (Transmit) format are uploaded to a mainframe and received into five partitioned data sets. Nothing needs to be compiled, linked, or authorized. Nothing needs to be added to the LINKLIST or LPA. No configuration options need to be set or changed. No customization is required to any ISPF panels, and all regular ISPF options remain available at all times.

Pays for itself many times over.
SimpList is licensed by mainframe serial number at a single flat cost, regardless of mainframe size, speed, or number of logical partitions. Licensing covers unlimited use by any number of users, with no upgrade fees when moving to bigger/faster mainframes. Support and product updates are included in the annual maintenance. Return on investment usually occurs with a single user.


The preceding information describes only a fraction of what SimpList can do. Click the following for additional information, or contact us today to arrange a free trial!

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